Helping Mom and Dad Move

There’s a difficult moment that many of us have to face, when it comes to helping our parents move to find a home that will suit them for their autumn years. They may be moving from the home they’ve lived in for most of their adult lives or simply a home they thought would last […]

We’ve Outgrown Our Home

When you first move into your home, it’s an exciting feeling! You find places to put everything, you pick out your decor, and you generally find yourself slowly settling more and more into making it truly your home. Chances are, as you look around, you find yourself marveling at all the space and thrilling at […]

Between Contract and Closing

It’s finally happened, you’ve found the home you’ve been looking for! All the work you put into your credit and your search has paid off, and made an offer on a home and had it accepted! This is exciting! But there’s still more work to be done! Between the time your offer is accepted and […]

Strategies of the Successful Move Up Buyer

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions most Americans will ever have to make. Something that’s changed for more recent generations though, is that it’s increasingly more common for homeowners to go through this process more than once in their life. Where previously it was expected for a first time home buyer […]

Buying a Home for an Elderly Relative

There are few conversations more difficult than trying to decide on a living situation for an elderly relative. When family members reach a point in life where they can no longer make such decisions for themselves entirely on their own, it becomes an awkward position for people who care about them to step into the […]