Tips for Selling Your Home in Summer

While it might seem obvious to some that selling in the winter is particularly difficult, it might seem surprising that summer poses a number of challenges as well. Spring and fall are far and away the most popular times of year to put your home on the market, but with summer brings difficulties of hectic summer activities making it more difficult to schedule showings or capture the attention of distracted potential home-buyers. Bright and sunny weather brings it’s own challenges, as any imperfection your home may have becomes clearly seen in the stark sunlight, where the dreary rain days of spring might make buyers subconsciously more prone to disregard such issues. There are a few tips, however than can help.


Curb Appeal, As Always, Is Key

The first step when listing your home in any season is to look at your curb appeal, but in summer it’s even more crucial. With bright and sunlit days, your prospective buyers will notice any flourish you add for the appearance of your home, as well as the slightest blemish. Keep your lawn mowed, with the warmer days you may need to do this as often as twice a week. It may be worth the investment to hire a landscaper to plant and mulch flowerbeds and trim your bushes, or set aside a few Saturdays to do the work yourself.


Prioritize Exterior Repairs

Hand in hand with the attention to curb appeal is making a priority of taking care of any exterior repairs you need. If your siding needs cleaned or paint needs touched up, you’ll want to get that taken care of quickly, to ensure your home is literally putting it’s best face on. If your home is brick, you’ll need it cleaned and repointed if necessary. Also ensure any driveway cracks are patched.


Stage Exterior Spaces

Just like the inside of your home might be staged, your living room cleaned and arranged to give the best impression for example, you will need to stage any exterior spaces as well. If you have a backyard patio or a deck, you’ll want to make sure these are similarly staged. Any outdoor furniture should be cleaned and arranged to provide the best appearance. Just as with the inside of your home, keeping the outside clean is important. Keep your deck or patio swept clear of leaves and other debris, a power-washing service may be necessary to remove stains and other discolorations.


Set a Competitive Price

As already noted, you might find it difficult to get foot traffic to your home during this season, as individuals and families become busy with seasonal activities. This means even more buyers than usual will be sorting through home listings online. Your listing then needs to be a competitive one. Having clear and professionally done photos is always a good idea, regardless of the season, but more important is the price. You want to make sure your price is appropriate not only to the value of your home, but also to what’s the present condition of the housing market in the area. Too expensive, and buyers won’t bother to come check your home out, believing it’s not worth their time, too cheap and they’ll assume something is very wrong with the home. As a professional broker, I am able to run a competitive analysis of your market area and help you decide on an appropriate price for your home that will help lure buyers in to see your property.


Regardless of the season you choose, I am ready and excited to be your partner in the process! Contact me today!

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